Aims and Scope

Advertising has long been a part of integrated marketing (or brand) communications. The field of advertising has significantly expanded to embrace many other non-traditional forms of marketing communications, including Internet, mobile, and social media advertising.

The Journal of Advertising and Promotion Research (JAPR) takes a closer look at new ideas and issues in advertising and promotion, as well as the much broader issues surrounding the new media technologies previously mentioned. This journal will provide a forum for all to discuss emerging ideas about traditional and non-traditional forms of marketing communications.

The editors proudly welcome 12 of the most prominent academicians and practitioners in the fields of advertising, communication, psychology, marketing, and several other disciplines as they join the JAPR Editorial Board.
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We thank our colleagues in the Korean Advertising Society for formally agreeing to sponsor this new endeavor. We also greatly thank each author for contributing prescient thoughts to this first issue of the JAPR.

Contact Info. Editorial Office

- TEL : +82-10-5024-5781
- FAX : +82-2-2144-0265
- E-mail : SejungMarina Choi, Associate Porfessor /
We welcome your suggestions on how to make this a worthwhile venture for you, and it is our hope that you enjoy this first issue of JAPR.